5 Fake Tan Mistakes You’re Definitely Making (And How To Fix Them)

No more mahogany knees. Hopefully.

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Us Irish ladies consider ourselves the experts when it comes to fake tan, but even we can get it wrong sometimes.

Streaky legs, patchy hands, elbows that look like they’ve been coated in Ronseal… sometimes fake baking can just go oh-so wrong.

But by schooling yourself on some of the most common tanning mistakes, you’ll be far more likely to end up with an even, streak-free tan every time.

Behold, some of the fake tan mistakes you’re probably making without even realising…

1. You’re moisturising too much
Exfoliation and hydration is key when prepping your skin for tan, but be sure to read the instructions on your tanning product carefully. Some brands call for skin to be oil-free with no moisturiser before the tan is applied. If that is the case, just moisturise with a light lotion like E45 a few hours before tanning.


2. You’re shaving your legs directly before or after tanning
One telltale sign of bad tan is those teeny brown dots that appear all over your legs. The reason? You’ve shaved too soon before tanning. Similarly, shaving your legs within 12 hours of tanning will remove the top layer and leave you looking noticeably patchy.

3. You’re applying tan directly onto every body part
Your hands and feet do not require the same volume of tanning product as your legs, arms and torso, so be careful. Avoid patchy or super-dark fingers n’ toes by applying tan onto your arms and legs and blending outward. Use a make-up removal wipe to gently remove excess.


4. You’re slapping on the tan straight after your shower
A steamy bathroom and clammy skin does not bode well for streak-free finish. Make sure your body is completely dry and that you’re away from sources of moisture like steam before beginning.

5. You’re not using enough product
It’s far more difficult than you’d think to use too much tanning product. In fact, most streak issues come from using far too little. Use about a tablespoon of product at a time on your mitt or glove and blend, blend, blend.



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