5 New Beauty Products To Give You A Fresh Lease Of Life This Week

Some new launches to give you a pep in your step.

Everything is a bit meh right now. We’re in that limbo where the evenings are getting brighter, but it doesn’t feel like spring because there’s a threat of snow every couple of minutes and, well, it’s baltic out. That, plus everything else that’s going on right now is leaving us with the feeling that we’re just running around the house trying to do everything but getting nothing done.

So while we can’t jet off on holiday, spend time with our nearest and dearest or even just stroll around the shops and finish with a glass of Pinot al fresco, we need to find a little fresh lease of life somewhere else. Like in many other scenarios, this means we’re turning to our beauty shelf yet again, or making up another beauty wishlist.

Here are five products that are sure to put a pep in your step this week, all in the name of ten minutes to yourself and a little self-care.

Cryo Therapy Globes

Possibly the product I’ve been most excited by this year, the Cryo Therapy Globes by the skincare guru that is Corinna Tolan of the Monica Tolan Beauty and Skin Care Clinic. Corinna has used the technique of Cryotherapy (where the body is exposed to cold temperatures for several minutes) in her treatments for many years, leading her to create her own stainless steel Cryo Therapy Globes, the perfect addition to your at-home skincare routines.

Designed to reduce inflammation, boost circulation and also lift & tighten skin, they’re also mood and well-being enhancers as they soothe & calm the skin, release endorphins & speed up recovery. Corinna’s advice is to keep them in the fridge, and once you’re used to the colder temperatures, you can then build up your tolerance to be able to store your Cryo Globes in the freezer. I’ve been using mine almost every day for about a week now, and I can tell you they are absolutely divine. Check them out here.

Trilogy Combination Range

If your skincare routine feels a bit up in the air, or you feel like your skin needs a little extra loving, you’re gonna love the new range from Trilogy. In a bid to cater for people with combination skin types, in particular, Trilogy has launched their new four-step combination skincare range, including their newest oil innovation, Trilogy Hemphip Balancing Oil.

The new Hemphip Balancing Oil is a lightweight certified organic beauty oil designed to nourish and balance combination and oily skin types – this sounds like music to my ears, to be honest. This lightweight oil quickly absorbs, leaving no residue on the skin, doesn’t clog pores and works to reduce shine and regulate oil production. Plus, on top of that, they’ve also launched the Clarifying Cleanser, the Purifying Cleansing Toner and the Mattifying Moisturising Lotion. Shop the full range here.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Clearing Jelly + Imperfections Active Cartridge Concentrate

While the name is a mouthful, I haven’t been this excited to try out a skincare product in a hot minute. First up, you have basically two bottles, one slim 10ml bottle and one 115ml bottle. There’s a little bit of DIY here where you pop the 10ml bottle directly into the larger bottle. The hydrating jelly in the larger bottle delivers 24-hour hydration, while the concentrate targets the appearance of imperfections using the key ingredient salicylic acid (if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts, salicylic acid will be your best friend). Get it at Boots right here.

Plus, they also have the brand new Smart Night Clinical MD, a retinol treatment to jumpstart the anti-ageing process and improve your skin’s radiance overall. Divine. Check it out here.


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Charlotte Tilbury Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial

Exactly what we needed this month, a new Charlotte Tilbury launch. A new exfoliant to help you say goodbye to dead skin cells, greyness and tiredness revealing skin that’s polished, gleaming and glowing. It contains both salicylic and glycolic acid to give you that smooth, exfoliated finish with a punch of hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid and the newly popular polyglutamic acid. Plus, as always, the packaging is stunning. Available from 18th February from Charlotte Tilbury exclusively, and available in Brown Thomas and Arnotts nationwide from 04th March.

Maura Higgins x Bellamianta Glow Mist

What can give you a pep in your step more than injecting a bit of shimmer into your everyday? The new collaboration with Maura Higgins and Bellamianta has a bit of everything for tan lovers alike. But one product in the range that immediately stood out is the Glow Mists. Available in two colours, Bronze and Champagne, it’s an ultra-fine mist that gives you a boost of hydration and a hint of shimmer. It smells amazing and adds a little oomph to your routine. An oomph is extremely welcomed right now. Check them out here.

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