6 Bronzers From Irish Brands To Give You That Unreal Summer Glow


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric / Pexels

Summer is in full swing and the sun is high in the sky.

However, if you’re struggling to get that perfect sunkissed look, we here at STELLAR have some sneaky ways to fake it, till you make it.

We have picked our six favourite bronzers which all come from Irish beauty brands to help you get that summer glow.

Bronze Sculpt Stick – KASH Beauty (€18.95)

Sun Daze Sculpt Stick – €18.95

Keilidh MUA knows a thing or two about bronzing. She’s even leading the way in brontouring, AKA contouring using your bronzer. (Apparently, we shouldn’t have been doing this all along!)

There are currently four different shades to choose from in the Sculpt Stick – Shady Beach, Sun Daze, Island Vibes and Coca Kiss. Each shade gets darker so you can pick the perfect one for your complexion.

The cream sculpt stick is super easy to use and super blendable so you can create as much or as little definition as you need. This also means you are not wasting too much product and with that price tag you can’t go wrong!

True Essentials Face Palette – True Beauty (€39.99)

True Essentials Face Palette – €39.99

Aideen Kate’s new makeup line is everything we could have wanted and more!

We are head over heels for all her face palettes, including True Essentials, which of course has an incredible bronzer that will give you that sought-after glow.

Included in the face palette are four different shades of bronzer (and blush, if you want to lift up your look) so there will certainly be a shade for everyone and for every occasion. They’re so versatile, you can even use them as eyeshadows for that Parisian aesthetic.

Deluxe Bronzer – Sculpted by Aimee (€19)

Deluxe Bronzer (€19)

If there is one person we trust with our bronze it has to be Aimee Connolly! She started her brand with a contouring kit and now she has branched out into dozens of products.

We absolutely and utterly adore her Deluxe Bronzer which we think is the perfect product for the summer months. And you can just pop it in your bag whether that be a clutch or beach bag to top up throughout the day.

There are three different shades as well, so there really is something for everyone with this user-friendly product!

Bronze Bar Illuminating Bronzer Stick – SoSubySJ (€12.95)

Bronze Bar Illuminating Bronzer Stick €12.95

If you want to add that sunkissed look not just to your face but to your entire body, then you know you have to turn to Suzanne Jackson.

We are always carrying our Bronze Bar around with us so we can add that glow to our cheekbones, collarbones, arms and legs. Honestly, you turn into a glowing beach babe immediately!

There is only one shade, but it certainly does enhance any natural tan or otherwise that you have going on this summer.

Bronze and Blush Palette – Ayu (€27)

Bronze and Blush Palette €27

Irish makeup artist Suzie O’Neill’s Ayu brand is made to empower women and that is exactly what it does.

There are two dreamy bronze and blush palettes, Natural Glow and Peach Glow to enhance your natural beauty.

The palette is vegan-friendly, cruelty free and hypo-allergenic so it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Fahrenheit Luxe Powder Bronzer – BPerfect (€16.95)

Turn up the temperature with the new Fahrenheit Luxe Powder Bronzer from The Dimension Collection.

A buildable colour with an intense pigment and a rich matte finish, it blends seamlessly to create dimension and warmth instantly, with a lightweight mirror to help you stay glam on the go!

It’s available in 10 different shades, we’re seriously obsessed!