6 Make-Up Tricks To Hide Your Hangover In A Flash

You should have said no to that third (okay, fourth) glass of champers, but you didn't and now you feel rough. These make-up tricks will ensure you look fresh even if you aren't feeling it.

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1. Wash your face

First, you need to remove any evidence of your party-hopping ways. Use warm water and a detoxifying cleanser like Skyn Iceland Glacial Facial Wash to remove any leftover make-up from the night before. After rinsing, turn off the hot water, let the tap run cold and splash your face a few times with chilly H2O. The cool temperature reduces puffiness and tightens pores. Happy days.

2. De-puff your eyes

Yes, it’s true, you can count on nature to get rid of those swollen lids.  Apply some cucumber slices, cool tea bags or potato slices over your eyes for about ten minutes. Trust us you’ll be looking as fresh as a daisy in no time. Once that’s done use your concealer to draw an inverted triangle below your eyes and blend with a damp make-up sponge. Eyes still looking dark and puffy? Try the baking technique.

3. Tinted moisturiser

This step is as close to magic as it gets, so don’t skip it! You’ll mask dullness, even out skin tone and give your parched face a much-needed hit of hydration. Try Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer. It’s paraben-free and has a soothing lavender scent.

4. Slap on some pink

A pop of pink instantly brings life to your face, making you look more awake and healthy. Go for a gorgeous rosy blush like Josie Maran Blush in Fever or a girly perfect lipstick like Cargo PlantLove Botanical Lipstick in Lindsay (as in Lohan, a girl who seems to know a thing or two about staying out late).

5. Wake up your lashes

Two coats of mascara will instantly open up your eyes. And if you pick a black one, the whites of your eyes will look brighter, too. Rich black cancels out redness in and around your eye, so if you can manage the effort in your hungover state, draw on some eyeliner along your lower lash line to counteract any bags.

6. Highlight your lips

Be bold with your lippie. Using a bright color on your pout will draw the attention away from those tired old eyes, but avoid using lipsticks that are too dark; bright coral or pink lipstick will look more fresh and flattering, than burgundy or dark brown.

The last step? Coffee, and lots of it!

By Jennifer Conway.


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