6 Questionable Trends From The 2000s We Kinda Wish We Didn’t Follow

RIP crimped hair and tooth diamonds.

Ah, the Millenium, a gloriously simple time when life mainly involved binge-watching episodes of Lizzie McGuire and listening to Busted’s latest single.

However, more than that, it was a time of questionable fashion and beauty trends, ones we are all guilty of partaking in. While we all copied the coolest girls in school, a decade on, and with hindsight on our side, we are a little regretful of some of the looks we shamelessly sported back in the early 2000s. Here are a few of our favourites.

Tooth diamonds

Only the coolest of the cool sported this one. Mostly because your mam wouldn’t allow you to get one. Which in hindsight thank god she didn’t because COULD YOU IMAGINE?! Oh, the horror.

Knee-length leggings

For the days when it was just too warm to wear jeans under your dresses. Commonly styled with a long necklace and ballet pumps, I think it’s fair to assume that we can all be found guilty of this one. Well, lock us up and throw away the key.

That hair

Okay it’s hard to give this one a title, because what is this hairstyle actually called!? You know, the one where you would spend hours crimping your hair and then get your mam to twist and clip random parts at the front using butterfly clips? This was more than just a hairstyle, this was art.


Not only was fashion important in the naughties, so was warmth. Okay, maaaybe boleros were just a tiny piece of fabric that didn’t actually keep you that warm at all, but the thought was there, and they looked cute, sooo…

Silicone bracelets

Commonly sporting our favourite mantras, we were all about that ‘love’ ‘hope’ ‘strength’ and ‘faith’ back in the day. The best part about this trend? The more the better! Who cares if they go all the way up to your elbow, disabling your arm, you look cool. 

Velvet tracksuits

We’ve saved the best for last with this one, and possibly the only trend on our list that could be making a comeback. Everyone from Kim K to Britney was rocking this look in the early 2000s, and if recent catwalks are anything to go by they best be having a root for them in their wardrobes.

Oh, the nostalgia.


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