6 Shaving Hacks That’ll Make Your Legs As Smooth As A Baby’s Bum

The six hacks that will have you feeling like a dolphin in no time.

Shaving – we have been doing it for how many years now. We’re meant to be pros at it by this point, and yet still, every time we step out of the shower we are covered in nothing but cuts, razor burns, and bumps.

But fear no more, with these handy shaving hacks you will be looking like the smooth ladies on the razor ads in no time.

Olive Oil

Who would have known the best hack for shaving was sitting in your press, unused, this whole time? You can either rub the olive oil onto the area you wish to shave, or dip your razor into it and shave away. Using it leads to less irritation and fewer ‘micro tears’ (ew) from your razor, and it also softens the hairs making for a smoother shave overall. Bloody fantastic.


This one has been knocking around for quite some time. Yes, all this time and yet we still don’t do it. I will hold my hands up and say that I am guilty of skipping the odd exfoliation stage of shaving every now and again, but I have learned my lesson. Exfoliating removes oil and dirt from your skin, allowing the razor to get as close to your skin as possible. Something we should be doing every time we shave – bold girls.

Soy based lotions

Okay, this one is totally new to us. Apparently using soy based lotions can stunt the growth of hair, keeping shaving to a minimum. This is one we will definitely be trying. *Lathers entire body with soy*

Lip balm can heal your cuts

There’s a popular theory floating around the DIY/lifehacker blogosphere that lip balm is an effective way to stop a fresh shave cut from bleeding. The idea is that lathering a dollop of lip balm onto your cut will stop the bleeding from continuing. This may not be the most hygienic, but it is definitely one that may come in handy if you are in a rush and lip balm is the only thing you can get your mitts on.  Ya welcome!

Grab your fella’s razor

Men’s razors are more precise and sharper, just because they are designed to deal with more coarse hair. So why not grab one of your boyfriend’s razors when you are shaving places like your armpits and vajayjay – maybe just don’t give it back to him after you’re done with it.

Grow it out

If all of the above fails, grow it out! The hairy look is in these days, and it does eliminate that whole shaving malarky – win win.


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