6 Spring/Summer Beauty Trends We’re Totally Opting Out Of!

We're saying thanks but no thanks to these cray-cray trends.

1. Checkerboard Hair


Okay, so we’re not actually over rainbow hair or the numerous pastel and neon ways to wear it, but we are over the never-ending stream of new ways to categorise it: galaxy, sunset, sherbet, checkerboard hair  – see what we mean? Consider this our official petition for all rainbow hair to be named equally (unless it’s mind-blowingly cool, and then we’ll accept it).

2. Glitter Roots

Pretty Glitter Roots! ? Hair by the Mermaidian of December: ?@shelleygregoryhair? Mermaid: ?@erikadawnshear? ? #Mermaidians ?A photo posted by ???Mermaidian Hairstyles??? (@mermaidians) on

We’re not saying to ditch the glitter entirely, because how boring would that be? But, there have been an influx of glitter trends this season — glitter roots, lips, lids, and of course, highlighting – and wearing them all at once might just be too much of a good thing. Not to mention, you’ll be covered in glitter until 2026.

3. Clumpy Eyelashes


For years, we’ve been told that clumps are the enemy so why veer off course, right?  In fact, most mascaras have been created to keep our lashes looking natural, so we’ll stick to what we know, thanks!

4. Over-lining Your Lips


Another case of what looks good on the red carpet, looking like a big old mess IRL. To make the most of what you’ve got, gently exfoliate your lips and apply a moisturising balm before your lip colour to give your lips a boost without entering clown territory. Got it?

5. Bubble Nails


Bubble nails, AKA hump nails, had us all scratching our heads on why it was a thing. The nail creation is achieved by layering globes of acrylic on top of the nail to resemble a dome-like shape. Sporting a turtle’s shell on our tips may be cute to some, but we find the awkward-looking shape to be downright fugly.

6. Rainbow Freckles


Doing a dusting of multicoloured freckles along your nose and cheeks will never be a popular look. No matter how colourful and vibrant some of the pics are you will most likely look like a relative of the care bear family. So we say keep it simple and if you want to add a pop of colour to your look, stick to the eyes.

By Jennifer Conway.


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