6 Stylish Glasses To Add Some *Spice* To Any Outfit

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Gone are the days that glasses are for ‘sight and not for shew’ as 17th century Puritan preacher John Bunyan once put it. No longer just an aid but an accessory in their own right too, finding the right pair of glasses can feel like a daunting task what with the number of options available, but thankfully, one company is making that easy for us.

Espy & Iris, a small Cork-based business is taking the stress out of finding your perfect pair. With the companies’ founder a practising optician who oversees all orders, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the service you’re getting is unrivalled. Removing the middleman and engaging with their customers directly, they offer high-quality, fashionable prescription eyewear at a fraction of the usual prices – I mean, you can’t argue with that, can you?!

“We believe that glasses are the new fashion accessory, and if you love glasses like we do, then why not have a pair of glasses for every day of the week. The Espy & Iris experience should leave you excited and looking good” their story reads.

What’s more, if you’re someone who doesn’t need prescription specs but does want to protect your eyes from all those endless hours of screen watching and scrolling, all Espy & Iris glasses are also available with blue-light blocking lenses, so you can safely social media creep in peace.

So, already convinced that we need a pair in our lives, let’s have a little look at their stylish offerings, shall we? From tortoiseshell to wireframes – there’s something here for everyone (or for every day of the week).


Daire is a must-have in every eyewear collection. This versatile frame gives you a friendly look with its slightly butterflyed corners, and this distinctive shape combined with the latest Italian acetate colors makes for a formidable result.

Jamie – €60

The top-selling unisex frame. Sophistication is never out of style, and with these frames, you’ll always be able to find yourself looking modern and fashionable. These are great for the office (or Zoom calls) or anywhere else you need to look the part.

Beth – €60

These classic glasses offer a sophisticated style that is going to give you dual vibes of vintage style and modern fashion appeal. Perfect for the bookish fashionista to keep a foot in both worlds.

Aside from offering fab glasses for when you’re going about your bits, Espy & Iris also have a range of prescription sunglasses too – so you can look stylish while we enjoy our sporadic spurts of sunshine. Take a look at some of our fave sunnies below.

Mel– €170

You quite frankly can’t go wrong with a classic-cut sunnie. Sure to see you through the next 10+ years in style, the best part about the Mel glasses? both you and your fella can wear them.

Rocco– €170


Did someone say style queen? Cos that’s what you are with these on your head! With a classic rounded cat-eye look, the Rocco will suit any face shape and size.

Woody – €170

For those who like to make a statement, the Woody will bring a spot of maximalist glamour to any look. You’ll be sure to turn a few heads on your silly little walk™ with these on.

For even more styles to choose from, check out Espy & Iris here.


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