6 Tips For Weather Proofing Your Skin This Winter

How to keep your skin happy when it's miserable outside.

Just when you’ve got your skincare routine down to a tee, BAM. We’re into the winter months and your skin freaks out. Even going from freezing cold air into your toastie house can cause havoc on your skin. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your skin might tolerate it, but there’s always some ways to help it back on its way.

Don’t Ditch Your SPF

Just because the sun isn’t splitting the stones, doesn’t mean you can forget about your SPF. There may be less actual rays of sun, but there’s still fairly high levels of UVA. And basically, UVA rays can age your skin a whole lot quicker. Not ideal! Keep your SPF in your daily routine all year round, not just when you’re jetting off to Malaga with the gals.

Get That H2o Into Ya’

This one counts for all year too, obv. It goes without saying that drinking water is not only good for hydrating your skin, but for pretty much everything else too. So, get that into ya, Cynthia.

Dry Skin

Bath Tiiime

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath in this day and age, make sure to take advantage of it this winter. Baths are a godsend for dry skin, because they’ll hydrate your skin like no other. Especially if straight after your bath, you lash on that body moisturiser or oil to really lock in the hydration. 

Avoid Alcohol

Coming into the silly season, we’ll admit that’s pretty hard. But even avoid using alcohol in your skincare. The harsher weather can really dry out your skin, then, using products containing even a small amount of alcohol can dry out your visage even more. The key is to use gentle products, to really care for your skin when it’s having a tough aul’ time.

Say Bye-Bye To Chapped Lips

365 days of the year, I’ll always carry lip balm with me. But when those chilly days hit, it’s surgically attached to me – and for a good reason too. Keeping a protective layer of product on your lips is a must, particularly before eating or drinking. If your lips are even in the slightest way chapped, certain food and drink can irritate them more (anything from tomatoes to the really good stuff like Frank’s sauce). Even if you’re sporting a red lip look, dab a tiny bit over it and you’ll be laughing.

Get On The Hydrating Wagon

It’s not really a band-wagon, per se, more so just being a little smarter with your skincare. During your morning and evening skincare routine, focus on adding as much hydration to dry skin as possible. If you’re not plumping the goodness into your skin, it’s only going to loom over you, like the miserable weather.


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