6 Ways Your Beauty Routine is Wrecking Your Skin

Skin not looking as glowing as you'd like? These pesky skin sins could be the culprit...


6 reasons your beauty routine is afffecting your skin

 Sinead’s top tips for glowing skin

    • Regularly clean your make-up brushes
    • Apply SPF daily to protect against pollution and sun damage
    • Avoid using fake tan on your face. It will clog the pores
    • Try out microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells.
    • Remember the basics: a balanced diet, plenty of sleep and adequate hydration.

There are lots of small things we do everyday that wreak havoc on our skin. Sneaky bacteria and chemicals are hidden in our brushes, our make-up and even in our cleansers that can cause us to get unwanted pimples, clogged pores and dryness. Nobody has time for bad skin so we spoke to Sinead Gallagher from Renew Clinic to get some info how we’re unknowingly causing breakouts.

1. Exercising with make-up on

We might want to look sultry as we sweat but Sinead tells us that this is a major no-no as it only makes existing acne worse, and can cause new flare-ups too. “I know this is difficult if you are covered in spots but if you start to sweat then all the makeup goes into the pores and clogs them further,” she explains. 

2. Not changing your face cloth frequently

Use a cloth to cleanse? “When you’re cleaning your face you should change your face cloth daily as once you wet it bacteria builds on the cloth,” sinead tells us. That’s cos bacteria attaches to the fibres of the cloth and can then be passed on to your face. Damn. We’ll be stocking up then so.

3. Sleeping with your make-up on

It’s a cardinal skin sin, but many of us still do it. Sinead reminds us that all the dirt and debris that’s built up throughout the day will remain trapped in your pores overnight, leading to dryness, breakouts and a dull complexion. “All that make-up is still on your face blocking up your pores. Cleansing only takes a couple of seconds and makes a big difference over time,” she reiterates.

4. Not changing your pillow case

“If your skin is prone to breakouts make sure to change your pillowcase regularly,” Sinead instructs, “as bacteria builds up and you continue to lie on it.” Better yet, purchase a silk pillow case; they’re thought to be kinder to your complexion than regular cotton.

5. Popping Spots

Oh, the temptation! We know it’s tough, but try not to pop your pimples. It will only push more dirt and bacteria into the face and result in more breakouts. Can’t resist? Sinead shares this advice: “If it has a head, remove the top of it with the tip of your nail and immediately put pressure on the spot; it will disappear much quicker and you won’t have a scar.”

6. Using harsh cleansers

Cleansers that contain lots of chemicals or perfumes can cause irritation and lead to breakouts. “Use AHA cleanser if possible,” Sinead suggests. “Glycolic and salicylic acid exfoliate the skin naturally and increase cell turnover so it helps to dry up the oil and unblock the pores.”