7 Pretty But Practical Raincoats That Will See You Though Unpredictable Weather

We love an Irish summer

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and our wardrobes absolutely cannot handle it right now. We’re not sure if it’s totally unreasonable to suggest that this Summer has been one of our worst yet. From heavy downpours to gale force winds, to the odd break of sunshine every few minutes, tailoring our outfits to work in conjunction with the mad weather has become a full-time job.

While you can never be sure if it’s wise to pack your umbrella or sunglasses whenever you leave the house, one thing you can be sure of wearing is a practical yet stylish raincoat.

Investing in a good raincoat now is never a bad idea. Although there’s so much to love about the Emerald Isle, grappling with its all-over-the-shop weather 12 months out of the year calls for the need to have at least one rain-proof overcoat hanging in your wardrobe.

So if you’re prepared to bite the bullet and want at least looking chic while you admit defeat that summer is well and truly over, ahead are 6 raincoats that are so gorge you’ll forget the fact that your skin barely saw a lick of sunshine all year.


Belted A-Line Twill Trenchcoat – €129

Stone Shell Colour Block Zip Up – €28

ASOS DESIGN vinyl maxi raincoat in sage – €82.99

Oversized Rain Parka – €150


Khaki Rain Mac – €75



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