7 Truly Ridiculous ‘Sexy’ Costumes You Can Buy For Halloween 2019

Sexy Pennywise, anyone?

We’re coming to the end of September, and you know what that means… it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be dressing up as for Halloween 2019.

Every year, US lingerie brand Yandy outdoes itself with its ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes – and here is what it thinks we should all be going as this year.

Sexy Pennywise

Sorry, excuse us, it’s actually ‘Sexy Killer Sewer Clown’.

We are aware of the sizeable number of people on the internet who want to bone Pennywise (or at least Bill Skarsgard, who plays Pennywise), and we don’t want to kinkshame, but… really?

Sexy Veggie Burger

Get your own back on those damn vegans by dressing up as a veggie burger! That’ll show them!

Sexy Toy Story Characters

Want to ruin a few childhoods? Why not dress up as Sexy Woody, Sexy Buzz, or Sexy Pizza Planet Alien Toy? These high cut briefs and bodysuits scream ‘yeast infection’.

Sexy Bob Ross

Really, no one is safe. Not even harmless US TV painters.

Sexy Jon Snow

You thought Kit Harington was sexy enough? INCORRECT!

Sexy Space Jam

In fairness, Lola Bunny is actually very sexy. But maybe we’re edging too far into furry territory.

And literal Sexy Naked Girl

This is it. We’ve reached the end of the line. Once the whole idea of your costume is Sexy Naked Girl, all bets are off.