8 Makeup Storage Boxes That Will Please The Neat Freak In You


There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than a well-organised makeup stash.

OK, maybe there are a few things – Jamie Dornan, cheesecake, your wages hitting your bank account – but if you’re a certain type of person, this is probably making you feel things:

Mmmmmf. Now, we don’t all have an IKEA Alex nine-drawer cabinet worth of stuff, but if you adore watching makeup organisation videos on YouTube (yes, there are many) and are itching to overhaul your own collection, here are some nice ways to store it.

Penneys storage box, €10

These babies always FLY out when they’re in store, but it’s definitely worth keeping your eye out for them. This one we imagine using to hold our everyday essentials – you know, so they’re easy to grab and you can see all your faves clearly? Ah. Lovely.

Argos organiser with drawers, €37.99

Not cheap, by any means, but it’ll store everything (unless you actually DO have an IKEA Alex nine-drawer worth of stuff).

Homestore + More organiser with lipstick holder, €11.99

Perfect for the lipstick fiend in all of us. This will hold a few brushes and bits’n’bobs too, so you can have everything you need to create your face to hand.

IKEA box with compartments, €12

The GODMORGON (amazing name) is a nifty little yoke with a tray for brushes, pencils, etc on top, then a box with compartments for lipsticks, palettes, foundation, and whatever else you might have on the bottom.

I have one, and while my makeup collection has slightly outgrown it (slightly), I’m amazed at how much you can squeeze in.

Amazon rotating organiser, about €22.50 in the sale

YES, SHE ROTATES. This is ideal to save space on a bathroom counter – the trays can be adjusted to fit products of most sizes. What dreams are made of, basically.

Muji storage box, approx €28

Muji is the OG of acrylic storage, and still stocks some of the best options. They’re not as affordable as others, but they’ll last you for yonks and are available in lots of different sizes and shapes.

IKEA storage box with mirror lid, €16

How cute is this? The mirror on top of the SAXBORGA (another fab name) lifts up to reveal a little compartment for smaller bits, and larger items can go in the bigger space below. The Swedes think of everything, don’t they? Great bunch of lads.

eBay acrylic drawer organiser, approx €8.40 each

These slim acrylic trays will be handy you have your makeup thrown in a drawer – they’ll organise your lipsticks, blushes, bronzers etc so you can find everything easily.

Those are the big boys – if you’re on the lookout for little things like lipstick holders and smaller acrylic containers, Tiger, Penneys, and Eurogiant all have them in stock from time to time. May the gods of organisation be with you.


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