8 Things Your Hairdresser Wants You To Know Before You Come In For The Chop

A trim still involves cutting your hair, for starters.

If sitting in the stylist’s chair gives you salon anxiety (it’s a real thing!) then you need to know all the ins and outs that come with getting your hair done. We spoke to the gang at Precious Hair and Beauty Templeogue to finally get the suss so both you and your hairdresser can be put at ease.

1. You can’t go from brown to platinum in one appointment, soz

If your hair is black or brown but you want to go platinum blonde because Kim K did, then you’ve gotta be prepared to have that orangey-copper stage that comes in between. Instagram isn’t real life, and going white blonde takes lots of hours and often multiple appointments at the salon.

2. There IS a difference between professional and high street products

Just because the brand names are the same, doesn’t mean the products are. There’s a reason why you don’t see the professional products sold in your hairdressers on the high street – and it’s not because your stylist is trying to rip you off. Remember, you get what you pay for!

3. A ‘trim’ still involves cutting your hair

Surprisingly, many people seem to think that getting a ‘trim’ means they don’t actually have their hair cut. Stylist Aimee tells us:

A trim is still a cut. Saying ‘It’s just a trim’ doesn’t mean we’re only half cutting your hair, we still have to go through every strand of hair.

4. Being on time is super important

Hairdressers’ days are timed to the minute – being five minutes late may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can turn your hairdresser’s day into chaos. Do them a favour and be conscious of time, they’ll seriously thank you for it.

5. Coloured hair needs care

So you’ve just gone to the salon and got your mop freshly dyed, but you go home and wash it with cheap shampoo? Bad idea. Not using a shampoo that is kind to your hair as well as protective of your new colour is the biggest waste of money. You’ll find yourself booking in for a freshening up a week later.

6. Be realistic

“Personally I love my clients bringing pictures,” says Aimee. “It’s not always achievable in one sitting but it will give us something to work towards.”

As Aimee reveals, most stylists actually love it if you bring a photo along cos that way you are both on the same page. But it’s important to be realistic – sometimes your hair just isn’t ready to go from bleached mess to glossy brunette locks in one sitting. Your hairdresser will do everything possible to make your #hairgoals become a #hairreality, but be patient.

7. Hair grows

Big news, we know, but seemingly it has to be said. Hair grows from the root, so if you’re not a natural blonde, your roots are gonna come through. Once you pass that six week mark and just can’t have your roots getting any longer, don’t tell your hairdresser that the colour ‘faded’. It didn’t, your hair just grew.

8. Know what you’re paying for

This is something we’ve always wondered – what exactly are we paying for at the hairdresser? Getting your hair done isn’t cheap, and it shouldn’t be, according to Aimee. Depending on the service, you’re paying for things like your hairdresser’s time, the products used in your hair, add-ons like scattered highlights, or hair treatments. They’re not plucking the price out of thin air.

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