9 Sandals To Get You Stylishly Through This Heatwave

Beat the heat with cool footwear!

In this scorching weather we’ve been having, it’s been a struggle to dress to keep ourselves cool. In a panic, tea dresses, shorts and flowy skirts have been ordered in bulk to keep up with this sun.

And after spending your days out and about and going to the beach, your feet are bound to be sweaty too. The best thing you can wear in this weather is a cool and comfy sandal.

Don’t worry though you don’t have to go through the horrific ordeal of shopping in the heat as we’ve picked out a few sandals for you!

Zara €19.99

ASOS €41.48

Topshop €68

ASOS €19.36

Clarks €69.95

& Other Stories €69

Topshop €60

Topshop €20

ASOS €38.71

Enjoy the sun while it lasts ladies!

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