9 STELLAR Questions With Ben Sun

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In 9 STELLAR questions, we put the spotlight on your favourite celebrities and influencers to get the goss on their deepest secrets, gas anecdotes, and their best hangover cures, for good measure.

This time in the hot seat, it’s celebrity makeup artist and content creator Ben Sun.

1. What is one beauty product you cannot live without?

Lately, and it’s honestly worth all the hype, the Laneige lip sleep mask. That would be a product that I put on almost every single client as prep before lips. It hydrates them, leaving them plump for the day. It’s definitely something worth investing in, it’s a must in your makeup kit!

2. What’s one thing you’re passionate about right now?

I’m very passionate about learning French at the moment, because I’m actually moving to Paris in September with college. I really want to brush up on the language and be able to have fluent conversations for when I move over.

3. What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?

I think the fact that I’m just so young, you know, like I’m literally 18! I feel like when people first meet me, they think I’m in my mid twenties and that I have my stuff together. I live with my family as well. Sometimes people walk into a house and they’re like “Oh, you have a beautiful home.” I’m like, “It’s not mine, I don’t have a mortgage!”

I it find so weird because I think I look very young but people assume I’m much older. Probably because of the fact that I’ve been doing makeup for so long, so people assume that I’m much older. My age is definitely a conversation starter.

4. What’s your spirit animal?

A snake. I actually had a pet snake when I was younger, I always thought they were just so cute. I named it Jade, because she was green. I just think they’re so fierce and striking and beautiful.

5. Who are your three dream dinner party guests?

Bella Hadid for sure. I would love to have Naomi Campbell and an icon like Madonna. I would just love to see the dynamic, the mix, see who would argue and if Naomi would pull a little diva moment.

6. You’re getting ready for a night out, what song are you playing?

‘Rhythm is a Dancer.’ I feel like a ’90s disco baby when I listen to it even though in reality I was born in ’04!

7. Ultimate hangover cure?

I would say Dioralyte is the only thing that actually works, but I never use it. My go to hangover cure is sleep, Netflix, a lot of fizzy drinks and takeaway.

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

I’ve said it since day one, young Leonardo DiCaprio is my celebrity crush. I think he actually made me realise I like guys!

@bensunmakeup♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

9. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

That worrying is basically putting yourself through the same situation multiple times when usually it’s something that hasn’t even happened! You’re causing unnecessary pain to yourself. So if you ever catch yourself worrying, just stay grounded, stay present, and realise it hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t stress until it’s time to deal with it. In the simplest words, when life gets too overwhelming learn to breathe and control your breath, that’s what helps me. If you keep smelling the air and stay present, your worries kind of dissolve because you’re stuck in the moment and become grounded.

By Zana Zee Keough


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