A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Says Kendall Jenner Has *Definitely* Had Work Done

He also names a few other celebs who he thinks have secretly gone under the knife.

Kim, Kylie and Co regularly face cosmetic surgery accusations but the one Kardashian/Jenner who doesn’t normally battle claims that she’s gone under the knife is Kendall.

The stunning model is normally considered the most natural among the fam, but according to a leading LA cosmetic surgeon, that’s simply not the case.

In fact, according to his expert opinion, she’s definitely had some work done.

While Dr A. John Vartanian didn’t specify exactly what procedures he thinks Kenny has had, he did compliment the work, noting that it had been done to a good standard.

“The work looks good from this angle. With her getting older, her face is leaning out, which complements her [look] well,” he told Who Magazine. 

Dr Vartanian also claims that Kendall’s A-list pal Bella Hadid has also gone under the knife.

“Bella obviously has had a rhinoplasty,” he claims. “Compared to her earlier photo, her nasal tip has elevated/rotated and been refined.”

He also believes that Kendall’s sister Khloe has had a rhinoplasty and lip injections.

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