According To Anastasia Beverly Hills, This Is The One Thing You Should Never Do To Your Eyebrows



We already know some important rules when it comes to looking after our eyebrows. Chief among these is 1) don’t over tweeze them, and 2) don’t go overboard with product, but for the most part our brow knowledge ends there.

Thankfully, that’s where Anastasia Soare, AKA the brains behind the beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills comes in. Speaking to InStyle, she revealed that there’s one crucial mistake that pretty much all of us are making.

According to her we need to stop filling in the tops of our eyebrows in our quest to imitate an Instagram brow. The focus instead should be in filling in from the bottom.

Her instructions are super simple: whether you’re using a pencil or a product like Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, you should always fill in from underneath. Start at the middle of the brow and then work your way out to the outer part of the brow because it can handle the extra pigment.

For an even more natural effect you can also use a lighter colour at the start of the brow. Either way, the advice is the same: “Always try to be very light-handed and you could always build up.”


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