Aimee Connolly: ‘23-Year-Old Me Would Not Have Expected This In Six Or Seven Years’

"We can’t work this hard for it not to be a positive outcome."

If you’re a woman living in Ireland, chances are you’ve got an Aimee Connolly product in your makeup bag.

The beauty mogul, business woman, and MUA has been dominating the cosmetics market for years. Her products are constantly being compared to Charlotte Tilbury and the buzz really does speak for itself.

In the October/November issue of STELLAR magazine, Aimee chats to editor-in-chief Megan Roantree about taking Sculpted by Aimee global, looking up to her mom, and of course, her brand’s beginnings.

“I think it was like, I’ll launch this first product and see how it goes,” she tells STELLAR. “It’s not even that I was being trepidatious, I was so focused on the first products, I didn’t really think beyond that. I would say that I very much focus on the now, I make steps toward the future but I don’t psych myself out, feeling like I need to have it all sussed out.

“23-year-old me would not have expected this in six or seven years. Particularly now at this stage of the business, it’s phenomenal where it’s grown to. I always say, I cannot physically work this hard, my team included, we can’t work this hard for it not to be a positive outcome.”

Aimee responds well to pressure, and a lot of that resilience seems to come from her mother, Clare.

“[I realise] way more so now that I’ve been forced to reflect on it from interviews over the last few years, I think you take it for granted when you’re growing up, you’re just like, ‘that’s my mom’, but my mom has always had this can-do attitude,” she says.

“She’s in her 60s, she’ll go to the gym and pick up a heavier weight than I will, because she’s just like ‘Of course I can do that’.”

You can read our full interview with Aimee in the October/November issue of STELLAR magazine – in shops nationwide now!

  • Photography: Evan Doherty
  • Makeup: Aimee Connolly using Sculpted by Aimee
  • Hair: Emma Smith for Platinum Expert Hair
  • Styling: Zeda the Architect
  • Interview: Megan Roantree