Aimee Connolly, Tara Anderson And More Share What They Love About Their Mums

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Aimee Connolly, Makeup Artist

I think I’m very lucky that my mum and I have an amazing relationship. It’s just the two of us, I’m an only child, so we’re very lucky to have the relationship we have. We laugh a lot, we definitely wind each other up but we’re the best of friends, haha!

She’s always told me to trust in my gut. She’s a very ambitious entrepreneur who runs her own business like myself so she’s always been my role model in that regard and of course my number one supporter and encourager. Following my gut is something she would have always said and it hasn’t steered me wrong…yet!

I love how hilarious she is and how she has no idea. The one Marc Jacob Daisy fragrance she reminds me of is Daisy Dream – she just has the most infectious personality and laugh and she’s so easy to tease. I share snippets of her on my social media from time to time and I always get so many messages when I do, she would honestly have you howling with the way she goes on.

I really like the simple things of just having tea and watching a movie. Mum loves treats and I de nitely get my sweet tooth from her so I’m usually hiding chocolate from her or else it’ll be gone. Chilling with a movie is always lovely though even if she does talk the whole way through things asking what’s happening! Haha

Tara Anderson, Makeup Artist

My relationship with my mum is more like a best friend friendship. I don’t hold back or keep anything from her and vice versa. She is brutally honest and can’t be fake! That’s probably where I got it from! Since becoming a mum I have leaned on her more then ever and am constantly asking her for advice and how to do this and that. Motherhood didn’t come with a manual but my mum was the next best thing!

We love a night away, staying in the room drinking tea and chatting and we love a ernoon tea too. Basically once there is tea and something nice we are happy. My mum reminds me of the original Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance – effortless charm and youthful elegance!

Amie Edmonds, STELLAR Writer

We’ve always had a fab relationship, like a best friend more so than anything. She’s the rst one I’d ring if I had any goss, a problem to solve, out t advice or for a bottle or two of wine!

Whatever I come to her with, she always has an answer for everything. And she’s absolutely gas too, so that’s always a good thing! Like the original Daisy fragrance, she’s effortless, optimistic and the OG favourite. She’s always told me not to take myself or life too seriously, have the craic and if you can’t stop thinking about it then just buy it.

From going shopping and finishing it off with some cocktails or just chilling with multiple cups of tea in front of the Bake Off and having a catch up, we love getting together. We don’t see each other too o en now because we live in di erent counties, so the daily phone calls are our thing now, planning for the next catch up!

Lorna Weightman, Stylist

I am so close to my mum; I’m basically her clone. We have the same emotions, fears, likes and dislikes and for that reason she always understands me. If I have a problem, I call her. She has this innate skill of knowing what to do and how to fix anything that is bothering me. The sound of her voice is the reassurance I always need. It’s comfort.

I think my mum embodies Daisy Eau So Fresh; the fragrance is bold, feminine and is underpinned by elegance. That’s my mum, always chic, strong and a real lady.

My favourite thing about my mum is that she speaks her mind; she never lets anyone alter her opinion and that’s something she has passed onto me. Honesty is the best quality in a person and my mum is nothing but.

As you can imagine, we are shopaholics. When I was little, mum and I used to get the bus to Dublin from Kildare every Friday. She always brought me to the department stores which I thought were so fascinating and it’s perhaps from those trips that I developed a love for fashion and how it can make you feel. We’re both big perfume fans too so we’d always try out our favourite scents, the smells still bring back amazing memories! Fast forward to now, our usual catch ups are for a stroll around Zara followed by many cups of coffee!

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