Aldi’s €4.99 ‘Healthy Glow Tonic’ Looks Like A Dupe For This Cult Skincare Product

Oh Aldi, you cheeky pups.

We haven’t always been on board with toners, probably due to a run in with one that was about 99.9% alcohol when we were teenagers.

However, the product has had a renaissance of late, and the one every skincare junkie worth her salt has tried (or at least wants to try) the Pixi Glow Tonic. The toner contains exfoliating glycolic acid and promises to slough off dead skin to reveal a healthy glow. Sounds nice, right?

The Pixi tonic is €23.50… but what if we told you that Aldi has brought out a very similar product for a mere €4.99?

The Lacura ‘Glycolic Glow Exfoliating Tonic’ has 5% glycolic acid, an orange bottle, and a green logo that looks extremely similar to the cult Glow Tonic… cheeky cheeky, but at just under a fiver, it’ll probably be thrown into a few Aldi baskets.

Also new to the Lacura range is a Pink Clay Mask that looks veerrrry similar to another cult product by pricey Australian brand Sand & Sky:

The new products will be in stores nationwide from Thursday September 27. We’ll be interested to see if they measure up…


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