All The Glitz And Glam From The Bondi Sands Irish Summer Party

STELLAR Promotion: We were there to celebrate summer the Australian way.

Kerri Nicole Blanc and Daniella Moyles

Team STELLAR celebrated all things tan as we joined one of our fave tanning brands at their Irish summer party.

Plenty of familiar faces joined Bondi Sands at The Baths Clontarf to ‘Celebrate Summer the Australian Way’. The evening was the brand’s first event in Ireland to mark its national distribution across Cloud10beauty, Lloyds, McCauley’s and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Among the guests embracing the summer vibes were model and broadcaster Daniella Moyles, blogger Louise O’Reilly, stylist Justine King, and models Alannah Beirne and January Winters.

Louise O’Reilly

In between the Aussie-inspired cocktails and courses, we talked tanning tips with the guests. Blogger Louise O’Reilly told us that she’s a fan of changing things up depending on where she’s headed.

Mostly through the week I would use the dark mousse, on a weekend or if I knew I was doing a swimwear shoot I would go for Ultra Dark because it just gives that extra bit of a colour and a beautiful radiance. I am a mousse kind of girl, what I like about it is when you apply it you can see exactly where it’s going – there’s no surprises! When you wash it off, it washes off to a beautiful natural tan, and it looks like you’ve just come off a plane.

Justine King

Stylist Justine King revealed that she’s a fan of the GLO Matte One Day Tan. 
I’m not usually into instant tan unless it’s an absolute emergency. It’s applied almost like a foundation so it’s that kind of creamy consistency. Great for covering any kind of blemishes, freckles or uneven skin. And I got caught in the rain when I was leaving the house today and it didn’t wash off or run down my top or anything!

Alannah Beirne

Dominique Nugent

Rob Kenny

STELLAR editor-in-chief Vicki Notaro is also no stranger to self tanning, and has one top tip for readers. 
I wouldn’t be partial to moisturising beforehand, I would be more inclined to use a moisturising formula like Liquid Gold. It has gorgeous oil in it that glides on to the skin, so there’s no rough patches. I think if you’re too moisturised it doesn’t adhere as well to the skin.
The Bondi Sands range is available at Cloud10beauty, McCauley’s and pharmacies nationwide.

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