An MUA Says This Is The One Mistake Brides Make With Their Wedding Day Make-Up

Brides to be, take note!

Bridal Makeup

After you’ve sussed out the dress and figured out what you want to do with your hair, the biggest consideration for your wedding day look is probably your make-up.

You’ve scoured Pinterest boards and flicked through a gazillion bridal magazines and you still you can’t decide on the look you want to go for.

Thankfully choosing your wedding day make-up shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, as long as you avoid this major misdemeanour: straying too far from your everyday look.

Bridal make-up artist Vanessa Ungaro tells Byrdie that “sometimes women get a little too excited when doing their makeup for the big day, like doing a dramatic cat eye when they usually wear a thin liner or no eye makeup at all.”

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Another mistake is to go too trendy. Think about it, will that OTT contouring really be so timeless when you’re looking back on your photos 10 years from now?

As a rule of thumb, Vanessa says that you want to look like the best version of you on your big day. Basically, aim for a flawless complexion and to bring out your best features.

Oh, and maybe leave the mad eye make-up for the honeymoon.


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