All Of Our Favourite Iconic Celebrity Fragrances

It smells like stardom in here!

Bella Hadid just launched her new fragrance line Orebella and we are obsessed.

There’s nothing like one of your favourite celebrities dropping a nice, affordable(ish) perfume. Let’s take a look at the most iconic celeb fragrances over the years!

1. Passion – Elizabeth Taylor 

Of course we had to start off by paying tribute to the perfume that started it all.

Debuted in 1987, Taylor’s ‘Passion’ took the world by storm. An exotic and floral scent, with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose, this elegant perfume marked the beginning of a new era of perfume.         


2. Glow – Jennifer Lopez

The noughties were sort of a boom period for celebrity perfume, and our girl from the Bronx JLo was quick to take advantage of this.

In 2002 the singer launched her fragrance line, ‘Glow by JLo’ and it was a massive hit. A combination of floral notes and musky scents, this perfume made an insane $300 million in the first year of its sales. 

3. Fantasy – Britney Spears

Britney was the idol of almost every teenage girl in the early 2000s, and her fragrance ‘Fantasy’ launched in 2005 reflected this.

A quirky mix of fruit, chocolate and cupcakes (just hear me out, ok?), this playful scent stole the hearts of millions of girls around the world.

4. Heat – Beyoncé

There was never any doubt that Beyonce’s ‘Heat’ would be a smash hit when it was launched in 2010, I mean come on, she’s Beyoncé.

Fans across the world really ‘caught the fever’, obsessed with the mysterious and soothing scents of almond, nectar, amber and neroli. 

5. Victoria Beckham Fragrance – Victoria Beckham

Last year, Posh Spice decided it was finally time to join the celebrity perfume craze, but she brought a twist to it. Her three fragrances, ‘Portofino ‘97’, ‘Suite 302’ and ‘San Ysidro Drive’ don’t just smell amazing, they tell a story too!

Each fragrance symbolises a memory that Beckham cherishes with her sweetheart David. Although this fragrance line is on the expensive side, Beckham has managed to bring a unique and personal twist to the perfume industry.

6. Orebella – Bella Hadid

Everyone’s favourite supermodel has just launched her first fragrance line, ‘Orebella’ and we are very excited about this one. Unlike many perfumes, Orebella is a mix of perfume and essential oils, so not only do you smell lovely but you feel lovely too.

Bella Hadid has also stated that a portion of the profits made from this line will go directly to charities that are close to her heart, so it’s a win-win. This line was just released around two weeks ago, but we see major icon potential here.


Words by Aicha Chalouche