Apparently We Should Be Throwing Away Our Lipsticks After We’ve Had A Cold

Quite simply the rudest suggestion we've ever heard.

We’re well aware that we should be throwing out eyeliner and mascara every couple of months to save ourselves from nasty eye infections.

But did you know that you should be chucking lip products after you’ve been sick? Gasp!

Speaking to the UK Independent, health expert Morgan Statt said that cold and flu germs can live on in your cosmetics long after you’ve stopped having the sniffles.

Lipsticks, glosses and balms are the worst offenders, and Statt says should “definitely” be throwing them out.

Your lip linings are a natural gateway to your respiratory tract which puts you at an additional risk of infection and illness.

If your heart aches at the thought of throwing a perfectly good lipstick in the bin, there is a way to save it – you could shave the top of it off, for example, and disinfect the lipstick and the tube with rubbing alcohol.

This we can deal with, but tossing our favourite lippies?

Thanks and all, but we’ll take another cold.


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