Apparently You’re Not Supposed To Use Concealer On Your Eyes

Why did no one tell us this sooner?!


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Between all the drama going on in the beauty community, sometimes, just sometimes, there is some really great information put out there to be found.

One example of this is make-up artist Robert Welsh’s ‘reacting to famous YouTubers putting on make-up’ videos. His videos are the wholesome and helpful content that we need, nothing close to a drama channel, Robert simply points out techniques that beauty YouTubers are using which are both right and wrong, and shares with his followers what they can do to improve their skills.

In one of his most recent videos, we were faced with the shocking revelation that we in fact, should not be using concealer on our eyelids. You might be the kind of person who thinks eyeshadow primers are a waste of money when some concealer does exactly the same job (we thought so too), but apparently we were wrong, oh so wrong.

In Robert’s “Doing my makeup using techniques I hate round 2!” video, he explained the exact reason why we all need to step away from the concealer when it comes to prepping the eyes for eyeshadow.


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“The skin under your eyes is so different to the skin on your eyelids,” he said.

This difference in skin causes the eyelid to crease a lot more than the skin on the undereye. Explaining the difference between a concealer and primer, Robert says that concealer isn’t formulated to block the oil that eyelids produce, and many concealers have an oil base also, which is just well… too much oil.

If you’re thinking ‘well I always set my eyelid concealer with powder’ Robert has an argument against that sin too.

“Eyelid skin is completely different,” he said, by popping a powder ontop of your concealer Robert says all you’re going to do is create a “silky texture that’s going to be horrible to blend on top of”.

Wow, Robert, you really schooled us.

So, in conclusion, Robert absolutely recommends investing in an eye-shadow primer. Whether it’s a drug-store or high end one, it will block oil eliminating creasing, and ensure that your eyeshadow is blended to perfection.

You can check out Robert’s v informative video below!