Arches Are Out! Straight Brows Are Going To Be A Major Trend In 2016

Those high-arched, well sculpted brows of 2015 are definitely going to be a thing of the past.

Jessica Alba

Okay, let’s all admit it – our brow obsession has reached an all-time high. When you start leaving the house with your brow hairs brushed but not your actual hair, you know you have a problem. There’s just something about well-sculpted brows with a perfected fleekness – they have the ability to make you feel like the most confident girl in the room.

But it seems like strong-arched brows are becoming a thing of the past now, as according to beauty site Byrdie, we’ll be ditching our high arches and instead embracing soft, straight-across brows.

It’s a trend that’s come straight from Korea and has been gaining popularity with celebs like Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Rihanna.

Why’s it set to be a big trend in the next year? Beauty experts say it’s to do with the straight shape, which mimics the way your eyebrows looked when you were a young ‘un, hence making you look younger than you actually are.

Before you go to your nearest brow bar and get a straight-brow trimming, first fill them in at home with a brow pencil to see whether or not you’ll actually suit the shape. Start from your inner brow hairs, moving outwards and then fill in your arch with a pencil to conceal it, creating a straight, archless brow.

Here are three of our fave products for brow-straightening success:


A fine-tipped brow pencil, €15.16, MAC


Brow powder, €34, Benefit


Brow gel, €16, Inglot

By Jennifer Conway


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