Ariana Grande Got A Micro Fringe And Fans Have Very Mixed Feelings About It

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Ariana Grande was known for her high brunette ponytail for years, and she surprised everyone when she dyed it a lilac, silvery grey at the beginning of the month.

But now the 24-year-old songstress has gone a step further and gotten herself a fringe. It’s not just any fringe either. Ariana opted for a micro-fringe, or ‘baby bangs’, and fans have mixed feelings. While most people love the new look, others are unsure, and some are questioning whether it’s her real hair at all.


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“Am I the only one not feeling those bangs?” one fan tweeted. Another questioned, “Why did Ariana get her fringe back?” However, some people are obsessed with it and have been saying, “Ariana’s bangs are super cute” and “In love with Ariana’s grey hair and bangs. She looks so beautiful!”

Are you a fan of her new ‘do, or nah?

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