Baby Foot: The Foot Peel That’s Equal Parts Incredible And Repulsive – We’re Addicted!

If those horny hooves are doing your backless heels a disservice - get on the Baby Foot buzz, stat.


Summer beauty is hella tiring. Without a cosy jumper to conceal keratosis pilaris or opaques to hide hairy legs, our evenings are spent sloughing, shaving and smoothing our bods –  and that’s before we even get to the trotters.

We love S/S sandals but we LOVE A/W boots way more – is it because the latter doesn’t require a pumice stone and pedicure? Of course! Thankfully, we’ve found a super effective way to get happy hooves as well as a few more weeks out of our cute cut-outs.

Enter Baby Foot, the peel that puts every other tootsie exfoliant in the corner. Fans of pimple popping and in-grown hair removal, here’s your new fetish Nirvana – flaking feet. Rejoice as layers upon layers of rough, tough callous-ridden skin sheds in reptile-like fashion, to reveal the softest, most perfect feet since, er, the day you were born.

Containing the entire acid collection (that’s lactic, glycolic, malic, citric and salicylic), the product is sit-back-and-relax easy to use. First, soak feet in water for 15 minutes then pop them into the plastic booties provided, which are lined with the magic peel gel formula. Allow to cook for about an hour, wash, dry and go about your business – job done.


Bathing feet is key – you must repeat this step each day for about a week. By the third dip, you’ll be rewarded with sheets upon sheets of skin separating from your feet – not only is it sooo satisfying, it’s also ridiculously addictive.

And it just keeps getting better. Unlike a spot, where picking at it ultimately makes the situation worse (plus scarring), tugging at your foot’s dead dermis results in major triumph. Socks, schmocks – these babies will never know a woolly cloak again.

The only downside is, according to the makers, once you’ve Baby Foot-ed, you’ll need to wait at least two months for a repeat performance. Right, we’ll have to find some other pleasurable task to do after work for the next eight weeks…

Baby Foot is around €21, available from Amazon. We call that a bargain!

Picture credit: Amazon.