Ballerina Flats Are Back And We Don’t Know How To Feel

Is it the end of chunky couture?

We love seeing a new shoe trend enter the fashion scene, but this one is bringing back all sorts of childhood/preteen energy that we’re not sure we’re ready for.

The classic ballerina flat is back and it’s quickly taking over our Instagram discover page with cute Scandi girls rocking the delicate slipper with their end of summer/ beginning of autumn attire, and we have a dilemma…

This dilemma begins with the fact that the ballerina pump is what a lot of us wore to school as our answer to some sort of ‘stylish’ school shoe. Zero support and slipping off our ankles as we sauntered around the halls, we thought we were great. But they were exclusively school shoes, we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the black pump with jeans on the weekend or any day for that matter.


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They remained strewn at the bottom of the stairs until Monday morning came around and we slipped into them as we rushed out the door. So, something about wearing a ballerina slipper gives us flashbacks to school days and it’s hard to think of them as a ‘cool’ look…

Next, we need to talk about the shoes we have been wearing up until this point. The fashion cycle is punking us because over the last few years we have been told that when it comes to footwear, the chunkier the better. Platform versions of classic shoes have taken over and we’ve been stomping around the streets looking hot af with our thicc soles.

So, with the rise in dainty footwear, we are simply not used to the simple flat. Our feet haven’t looked dainty in a hot minute! And thanks to Mr Styles the Adidas Gazelle is a hot ticket right now and they have a flat sole too. Is it the end of chunky couture?

Everyone’s style inspiration Matilda Djerf, is rocking the flats at the moment. And it was when we saw her break them out, we really got the dread. If Matilda is wearing them, it means they are about to be everywhere. And she makes them look so good? Maybe it is time to give them a try…


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Although, the Chanel ballerina pump is pretty fab, who doesn’t want to look chic in Chanel? But costing roughly $850 according to Chanel’s website, the designer label is not making its way to our wardrobes any time soon. And truly, the dupes are almost identical.

Luckily, the chunky loafer is most definitely here to stay for the moment, and we think any outfit that involves a ballet pump could use this as a substitute in most cases. Is it a case of which type of girly are you? A ballerina pump or a loafer and socks gal? Maybe you can be both…

If you’re ready to embrace the classy, chic vibe we have gathered some options that are perfect for achieving this look:

Quilted Ballet Pumps (Sale) €15.00


Bow Leather Ballerina €39.99