“Bawling My Eyes Out”: Ruby Rose Reveals Surprising Struggle With Adult Acne

Her dermatologist issued some great advice.

Ruby Rose has been receiving a lot of criticism for the way she looks in recent days and so she took to Instagram to tackle the issue head-on.

The Australian actress said she’s struggling with adult acne, but that it’s *her* issue and nobody else’s.

“Yeah it sucks… for me, I don’t see how it’s bothering so many others? But I’m a human. It happens. One side of my face is clear and the other side is a mess,” she said.

The 31-year-old also shared some advice given to her by her dermatologist, which could every helpful for women suffering with similar skin problems.

“Dermatologist says it’s from the bacteria from all the phone interviews I did for PP3, and a reaction to hotel pillow cases (which I already know)… This acne belongs to me, not them, and you are welcome to it.”

We had no idea the bacteria from our phones and pillowcases could transfer to our skin, so this is really good to know.

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