Are G Flip And Chrishell Stause Planning Another Wedding?

You can never have enough weddings!

Via Chrishell Stause Instagram

It hasn’t been long since G Flip and Chrishell announced they had tied the knot in a Vegas wedding.

Chrishell revealed in a chat with Enews! that the couple didn’t do anything traditionally, including the engagement: “We forgot to do the traditional engagement. We bypassed that whole spot, the paperwork, all the things that people get stressed about, all this stuff.”

Everything was such a quick turnaround they didn’t even send invites, only a link to a live stream of the ceremony to their friends and family who weren’t there but they’ve promised to remarry every year to give everyone the chance to experience their love.

The 41-year-old said: “We promised we’re going to just do it every year, whether it’s another Vegas situation or somewhere else.”


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And they’re both making good on that with G Flip revealing: “We’re currently working out the next one. If anyone knows me and Chrishell, we love throwing a party. So we plan on doing it every year.”

The couple plan on making the trip back to Aus for a ceremony as none of G Flip’s family got to attend the first time around.

They revealed: “I just think it’s going to be so beautiful to look back one day at an album and it’s wedding number one, wedding number two, wedding number three, and they’re all in different places.”


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All the couple wants is to be able to look back on years of celebrating their love together so throwing a small party each year seems like a wonderful idea to make that happen.

They said: “It’s just a cute celebration of the love and the person that you found in this life. People don’t agree with it and people think we’re silly or stupid or whatever they think. But, for us, we’re having the time of our lives.”

This is one tradition they plan on keeping – and we’re totally here for it!