Ben Platt And Noah Galvin Share Plans For A ‘Dance Party’ Wedding

There’s another celeb wedding on the horizon!


Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are deep in the midst of the wedding planning process.

The pair had a double engagement, with Ben first proposing back in November 2022 and Noah swiftly following it with a proposal of his own, in May of this year. They revealed they want their wedding to be full of dancing.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Noah explained: “What’s most important about the big day is dance!”

Ben quickly added: “Yes, our priority is definitely a dance party. Our main focus is how to orchestrate the evening so that as little time as possible can be spent doing anything other than dancing. It’s a dance party with a little Judaism at the beginning.”


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The grooms-to-be have two other musts for their big day, aside from dancing… good food and a pretty venue.

The main goal of the day, according to Noah is that their guests “just have the most fun possible”.

He said: “Making sure everybody’s fed with some yummy food. Making sure everybody’s in a beautiful space wearing a cute outfit – but something comfortable.”

Ben jumped in to add that dancing is ” how we express our joy and that’s how we always have,” so it only makes sense that their wedding is shrouded in it.


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Noah revealed they planned the double engagement ahead of time: “What’s fun about being gay is that everybody gets to eat, you know, everybody gets an engagement.”

Ben shared that he liked the idea of having his own engagement ring which further spurred the idea of a double engagement.

He said: “He has such a pretty ring and I wanted a pretty ring!”

We totally understand Ben, we’d want a pretty ring too!