Bonnie Ryan Just Got A Sweet Tattoo Tribute To Her Husband John

So cute!

Pic via @bonnieryan Instagram

It has been just over a month since Bonnie Ryan celebrated one-year of married life with her husband John.

Honouring their first year of marriage, Bonnie recently shared some new snaps from the day itself, after saying “I do” in an intimate courthouse ceremony in Dublin.

Now, however, it looks as though the influencer has gone a step further to show her love for John.

That’s right, Bonnie took to Instagram to unveil a new delicate tattoo in honour of her other half.

Pic via @bonnieryan Instagram

Giving her followers a first glimpse in a video she shared to her stories, Bonnie said: “I actually got a new tattoo at the weekend.”

“It has the little healing thing over it so I need this on till I think they said four or five days.”

The tattoo in question is the letter ‘J’ which she got on the inside of her upper arm.

Minimalist in style, the thin black lettering is perfectly suited to the beauty blogger’s brand.


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While she didn’t exactly say that the inking was dedicated to her partner, it does seem likely given that the couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Sharing news of her wedding with followers on Instagram, the makeup artist wrote: “I think out of all Mondays, this was the Monday that I was entitled to have a little bit of a sleep in.”

“I had the best weekend of my whole entire life, and that was just the legal side of things.

“We are looking at this as our pre-wedding party with our families and in a couple of weeks will be our actual wedding with all of our friends and family for a big celebration.”


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