Bonnie Ryan Opens Up About Grief While Remembering Her Late Father Gerry Ryan

"I really wish he could be here to see all I’m doing."

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Bonnie Ryan opened up about her grief after receiving messages from followers about her late father Gerry Ryan.

Bonnie received an influx of love after sharing an emotional post explaining that she stumbled across her dad’s book when cleaning her house.

She took to Instagram stories to thank followers for their kind words writing, “100s of messages yesterday. The kindest! It’s a funny feeling missing someone you love so much but then remembering the amount of people who also miss him. It’s unusual but I’m so lucky to hear all the stories about you all growing up listening to him- he was everyone’s best friend. Thank you for the messages .

“Very kind to take the time to write all your stories about my dad. And thank you for sharing your loss with me also. I do believe I opened that book yday and read that because I was meant to. Nothing happens by chance.”


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The makeup artist was left in tears when she found his book, Would The Real Gerry Ryan Please Stand Up this week.

She decided to read the first few pages, which included an ode to his family.

The passage reads: “I think my family have been generous in dealing with this I think that they’re able to go, ‘OK, he’s a bit weird sometimes, but you know what? He’s a good guy, he takes care of us, he’s funny, he’s entertaining.’

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“And the thing is, I turn up. I am the guy who will materialize in Mogadishu to bring you home. There is a very small number of people who understand me. My wife understood me better than anyone else in the entire world.“

Bonnie shared the section as she told her Instagram followers: “I was cleaning my house and I don’t know why I did but I opened my dad’s book and read the first two pages, and cried. I can hear his voice in this sentence about our family.

“The best dad I could have ever wanted, he really was that person, the person I could call at any time and know ‘he’ll be able to get me out of this mess.’.

“Miss him every day, especially right now. Grief is a funny thing. It comes in waves. At a time in my life right now I really wish he could be here to see all I’m doing.”

Gerry passed away in 2010.


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