Brooke Scullion Chats To STELLAR About Singing Ballads, Fan Encounters And What’s In Store On Her Tour

"Pop doesn’t always showcase your vocal range or ability."

Brooke Scullion is our latest cover star and we wanted to give you a sneek peek at what to expect inside the mag.

The singer spoke to Megan Roantree about new music, relationships, and why rest is overrated.

With Eurovision, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice, people of all ages have become fans of her music. And one thing she’s determined to show them during her live shows is her vocal ability. “Obviously what I’m releasing is pop and more commercial but I can actually sing too, which some people don’t know. Pop doesn’t always showcase your vocal range or ability. So when I’m doing a set I’ll often sing ballads too to give myself a full chance. People come up to me and say ‘I didn’t know you could sing like that!’”

In the midst of discussing the merits of her loyal fans, Brooke stops mid-sentence. “Do you want to see what I’m seeing?” she says, spinning her laptop around so I can see the man looking into at her in the cafe window, he’s been there since the start of our call, waving, knocking, lifting his t-shirt, frantically trying to get her attention. I ask if she’d like to move but she’s happy to stay put because there are enough people around her, but I wonder if being in the public eye comes with any strange encounters, as can often be the case with young female celebrities.

“I actually get a lot of requests for feet pictures, and I have lovely feet so it doesn’t bother me!” She jokes, adding: “But I’ve been really lucky everyone has been really pleasant. I’ve experienced some of it before but it’s taught me a lot.”

Read the full interview with Brooke in the latest issue of STELLAR on shelves now!

Want more from Brooke? You can listen to her single here and grab tickets to her Academy 2 show here.

Interview: Megan Roantree

Photography: Evan Doherty

Styling: Zeda the Architect

Makeup: Sue Brophy using Sculpted by Aimee

Hair: Emma Kelly for Platinum Hair