Casey Reveals His Plans To Connect With Claudia Outside Of The Villa

Will it all be water under the bridge?

After Casey left the villa on last night’s episode of Love Island he admitted he reflected about his time in the villa and had some things to say about his love triangle with Claudia and Rosie.

Casey and Claudia were hitting it off when she first entered the villa, but it wasn’t long until Casa Amor turned this coupling on its head. Although the pair decided to stick with each other after the ‘ultimate test’, Casey wasn’t completely closed off as they still hadn’t been together for too long. When bombshell Rosie came in Casey’s head turned and it didn’t go too well for him when he let Claudia down.

When asked if he would reunite with Claudia on the outside Casey said, “I would love to chat with Claudia. I hate the thought of there being bad blood, it’s not what I’m about. The fact she left and I wasn’t able to clear the air and really say sorry for making her have a go at me like that, it’s not nice. She let everything out to me, which is fair enough as I made her feel sh**.

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“I know it’s a difficult situation now I’m with Rosie, but I think she’s such an amazing girl. She’s so class, she’s such a good laugh. I really do think we’ll get along on the outside.”

Rosie, who Casey is keen to introduce to his family and friends now that the pair have admitted they are both only interested in each other, also said that she felt for Claudia in the tough situation, “Once Casey made his decision I felt relieved and it was nice that my feelings were reciprocated. But I also felt guilt for Claudia. I got on with her really well and on the outside I definitely am a girls’ girl. I considered her feelings as well as mine.”

Will we see these three hanging out after the show? We’re not so sure they’ll be best friends, but hopefully they have no bad blood moving forward!

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Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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