Erika Fox On Why She’s Nervous About Her Wedding Dress

She's feeling the pressure.

Erika Fox is the Irish lady living the New York City dream that many of us fantasise about, the best part? We’re all following along via social media.

You may also know her as Retro Flame, your go-to for NYC life and timeless fashion as well as a glimpse at her dreamy apartment with a city view.

Erika is recently engaged and spoke to Megan Roantree about wedding dress shopping, during her interview for STELLAR magazine.

When it comes to finding a dream dress, the pressure is on for someone so associated with fashion and timeless style.

“I’m a little bit overwhelmed I’m not going to lie. I always imagined something simple. But then some of my friends have gone dress shopping recently. And they’re like, ‘You go in with one idea and end up with something different.’

“So I think I’m going to start trying on dresses this month or so because there are amazing places in New York. I’ve kind of been procrastinating but once I start trying them on I’ll get into it.”

Does she worry about what her followers might think of the gúna? “The pressure of that as well! You might love your dress but not everyone will. Everyone’s taste is so different so it’s never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I just keep reminding myself that!” Erika’s style has evolved over the years, and she points out that her lifestyle and surroundings played a big part.

“When I started Retro Flame, hence the name, I was really into vintage and thrifting. And I still love to do that, but it was very colourful. Then I moved to New York and the shopping patterns are so different, people buy one good black coat for winter, whereas sometimes in Ireland, when I was growing up anyway, the trend was you’re always buying new stuff.

“Here you start to shop a bit differently. Because I wanted quality over quantity, I was leaning towards more neutrals because it was more expensive. And I’m still not ‘rich, rich’ but back then I’d really try and get my value from expensive pieces. So that kind of translated into my style change.” 

Read the rest of Erika’s interview in the latest issue of STELLAR – on shelves now!

Photography: Evan Doherty