Everything We Know About Emily In Paris S3

Not long now!

Just in time for the Christmas wind-down, the third season of Emily In Paris is coming to our screens on December 21st!

There’s just something about sitting in your cosy sitting room with the fire on when it is chilly outside and watching the spunky American girl live her dream in sunny Paris and other locations in Europe. The blast of winter sun we need from the comfort of our sofas.

With the excitement around the new season premiere, we wanted to gather all the deets we know in one place, who will be in it? Who we hope will be in it… Where they are filming and WHAT is happening with Emily’s love life.

For those who just can’t wait for tomorrow, here is everything we know about Emily In Paris S3!


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We can expect the return of all our favourite characters like Mindy, Camille, Sylvie, Julien, Luc, and Gabriel. Plus, Emily’s British beau Alfie is returning as a series regular, so it seems that move to London might have been postponed? Or maybe they’re going long-distance? Either way, we’ll be seeing more Lucien Laviscount.

There are also rumours that Emily might be travelling a little more this season, with Lily hinting at trip to Belgium for the marketing manager.

Lily Collins told Entertainment Weekly we can expect, “More love triangles, more drama, more laughs, more fashion, more locations, more France!” We love when Emily goes on a trip in the show the locations they film at are just *chefs kiss*.


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We also know that star of the show Lily Collins has really enjoyed the making of this season, she told EW just how amazing working on it has been, particularly loving her role as producer.

She said: “It’s been incredible, I’ve learned so much and I’m super grateful for the team to inspire me to continue voicing myself and owning my ideas, and it’s been a dream job.”

Next, on to something we don’t know, per se but rather something we are truly hoping for, a cameo from non-other than Samantha Jones – we mean Kim Cattrall.

We LOVE a crossover!


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The internet is convinced that Kim Cattrall will be making an appearance in the new season of Emily In Paris, and we have all the details for you.

As you may know, Kim played the iconic character of Samantha Jones in Sex And The City and did not return for the reboot of the series titled And Just Like That, the explanation the show gave was that Samantha was in Paris. Samantha works in PR, you know who else works in marketing and PR in Paris? Emily…. See where this is going?

People think that the new season of Emily In Paris will see Emily meet Samantha Jones, even just for a minute, and we are hoping this is true. Instagram page Diet Prada is claiming credit for the possible crossover as they posted in 2020 saying, “Really just need a SATC/ Emily In Paris crossover special tbh.”

And adding fuel to the fire, Kim Cattrall walked the red carpet at the S3 premiere of Emily In Paris last night! It all may be pointing towards one thing… Samantha in Paris!


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And something else we know thanks to Lily Collins, is that we are in for some big cliff hangers… Speaking to Entertainment Weekly she said, “In the finale, it all kind of blows up. So the finale really is the ultimate cliffhanger yet again, because there’s about five different things that happened in the span of however many minutes that all of a sudden makes you wish there was a season 4 right away. So the second that she makes decisions, things start happening again. But it definitely will leave you guessing.”

Ohh we cannot wait to dive into this new season! Au revoir!


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