Everything We Know About Netflix’s Anna Nicole Smith Documentary

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Almost 15 years since the untimely death of model Anna Nicole Smith, Netflix announced plans for a brand new documentary following her rise to fame.

The documentary will follow Anna’s rise to stardom thanks to “never-before-seen footage”. Netflix also noted that the eye-opening documentary will provide a “unique glimpse into her life outside the spotlight” thanks to featured interviews with some of the late model’s loved ones.

via Netflix

Anna, originally born in Houston, Texas, rose to stardom thanks to her first Playboy cover in 1992. Her life was documented thoroughly from 2002-2004 on her very own short-lived reality show, The Anna Nicole Show.

The late mother of two married Billy Wayne Smith in 1985 when they were just 16 and 17-years-old respectively. She gave birth to her son Daniel in 1986 before splitting from her husband the following year and finally divorcing him in 1993.

Anna’s personal life made headlines in 1994 when she married oil tycoon J.Howard Marshall II, who at the time was 63 years her senior. She became a widow a year later following the death of J.Howard at the age of 90.

Due to their gap in age, many believed Anna was with him for monetary reasons which she vehemently denied. Following her husband’s death Anna entered a long legal battle with the late billionaire’s family.

The Playboy alum was linked to both Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern from 2003-2006 when she gave birth to her daughter Dannielynn. Days after her birth, Anna’s son Daniel died of an overdose in her hospital room. Five months later at age 39, Anna tragically passed away of an overdose.

The brand new documentary entitled Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me is being released today Tuesday May 16th. The documentary will use never seen before footage that covers her societal rise as she adjusts to her life as a mother.



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