Everything We Know About Sydney Sweeney’s New Film, Reality

The Euphoria star's new role looks intense

Image via Instagram, @sydney_sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is fast on her way to stardom, and her new role looks like it might be the one to really cement her up-and-comer status. The Euphoria star plays Reality Winner, a real woman who leaked government documents during the US presidential election in 2016. The film shows Sweeney in a way we haven’t seen before, stripped back and solemn – and it’s said to be an intense nail-biter.


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To prepare for the role, Sweeney worked personally with the real Winner, communicating over Zoom and text. Winner served roughly seven years in federal prison for the unauthorised release of classified information to the media. The film will cover her interrogation and arrest, a series of events which is teased in the tension-filled trailer.

Chatting about the serious nature of her upcoming role to The Irish Times, Sweeney explained that she felt the “intense weight” of it.

She even got the opportunity to watch the film with Winner’s real family (Winner herself is on probation and can’t travel).

So far the five-star reviews are flooding in, and we can’t wait to see what Sydney is capable of!

‘Reality’ will be out in Irish Cinemas tomorrow, Friday 2nd June.


Words by Aoife CodyKane