‘Go For Someone Who’s Not Your Type’ Suzanne Jackson Shares Secret To Finding Love

Our coverstar says husband Dylan O'Connor was not the 'typical guy' she had dated before.

With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s about the right time to gather some relationship advice, for both those coupled up and those who are single.

In the latest issue of STELLAR Magazine, mogul Suzanne Jackson spoke to Adele Miner about her love life, her marriage to husband Dylan, plus what made her go for him in the first place.

Suzanne has been married to Dylan since 2017, when the pair tied the knot at her local church in Skerries, before heading to Powerscourt, County Wicklow, for the reception.

And while the couple are still going strong over five years later, when they first met, he wasn’t exactly what Suzanne thought she wanted.


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She told Adele, “A little bit of advice I got years ago, was to go for the opposite of what you think you want, and that’s the person you’ll end up with. When I was younger I had this vision of the kind of person I was attracted to, and they were always fuckboys, or whatever word you want to use!

“And I remember my friend and my Mam said to me ‘just go for someone who’s not your typical type’. So I did it, and Dylan was that person for me. And here we are now, he’s not the typical guy that I would have painted for myself when I was 20 but he is My Person. So my advice is, if it’s not working out with a certain type of guy, then you need to go out with a different kind.”

Aww how sweet! There you have it, if you’re having some trouble with your usual type of guy, mix it up and who knows what you’ll find!

Read the full interview with Suzanne in the latest issue of STELLAR Magazine on shelves now!