Is Emma Chamberlain Really Charging $10,000 For A DM?

A bargain...?

We’ve seen celebs have some expensive meet ‘n’ greets, and we know we can pay for a little video of some celebs via Cameo, but what about an even more expensive DM?

Rumours have been swirling that social media star Emma Chamberlain, who rose to fame predominantly for her ‘relatable’ personality and videos on YouTube is now charging $10,000 for a private DM.

Although Emma is making big bucks now, owns an unbelievable house that you can see on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel, is quite the fashion icon, and presents for Vogue on the Red Carpet of the MET Gala, this does seem pretty out of character for her.

Now we’d only love to see our fave celeb sliding into our inbox, but this seems a *little* much, and a *lot* out of budget.

Fans have been sharing a screenshot of her merch shop on TikTok that shows the alleged offer. But Emma has since clarified what really happened, and as we expected, she didn’t actually agree to it.

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Emma told E! News, “A few days I started seeing comments asking why I was selling a DM for $10k. I assumed this was an online scam, as I had never offered to sell a DM for any amount of money, let alone $10k… People were saying this was for sale on my merch site, so I checked the site to see if it had been hacked and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

“I immediately got in touch with my merch company Cozack who further investigated and put the site under construction while looking into the issue.”

It turns out that it was all a mistake that wasn’t brought to her attention.

Apparently, her merch company created the option for testing purposes and it accidentally went live. If you try to get on to the site now you are just met with a statement from Cozack that reads, “There have been false and inaccurate claims that Emma Chamberlain was offering DMs in exchange for $10k.  As background in 2018, Cozack (Emma’s merch company) was testing a prospective reward program related to Emma’s Merch without her knowledge.


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“In testing they created an outrageous, never activated reward level that was not intended to be active or purchased. These reward ideas were never run by Emma since they were not meant to be available for sale or reward, but simply intended for internal testing purposes. What we suspect is that data was activated and crawled by Google’s SEO indexing system and discovered by an individual who then began spreading false information to press outlets. This was never made public, and certainly was never planned to be sold or purchased.

“The test program was never discoverable on the main page or product listing site, which is another reason that Emma had no knowledge of this. With the internet’s tendency to create false narratives around sensationalized stories we wanted to provide you with the truth firsthand and from the source. The site is currently down for internal review. -Cozack, Inc.”

We wonder if anyone had purchased that pricey DM….?

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