Lizzo Left In Awe Of Crowd After Dublin Gig

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If you didn’t know Lizzo was taking over the 3arena in Dublin last night, well you must have been living under a rock.

Lizzo took to the stage in the 3arena last night for her sold out show, in a blaze of shimmering, brightly coloured costumed glory.

The superstar’s return to the Dublin arena stage has been long awaited and well it was everything we could’ve hoped for and more.


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She put on an epic show from costumes to props and performers to stage presence. She just gives off an exuberant sense of  self acceptance and understanding that the 11,000 people packed into the arena ate it up.

The audience took to her just as much as they do her music that embodies self image and loving yourself, something we could all do with taking on board in our own lives more.

She sang all of her hit singles including It’s About Damn Time, Am I Ready and Good As Hell as well as jumping into some other songs across her discography.

via Instagram/Lizzo Beeating

During the show Lizzo took an Irish flag from an audience member and danced around holding it receiving ear splitting screams from the crowd before they broke into the unmistakably Irish chant of: “Ole!Ole!Ole!”

While the crowd raised the roof of the arena Lizzo herself looked on in awe but with some confusion while transitioning into her next song Coldplay.

After ending the song the curiosity got the best of her and she decided she wanted to find out about the famous Irish chant: “We need to get to the bottom of that song you were singing? What is it?” she asked.


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She gave a fan the chance to sing it for her so she could try to pick it up but unfortunately she didn’t get it quite right – we just don’t think “Ok!Ok!Ok!” has the same ring to it.

She continued to interact with the crowd and performed a few other numbers including an encore of Juice and About Damn Time.

We can’t wait for the body normative queen to return to Dublin whenever that may be.