Louise Thompson Shares Update From Hospital After Needing Emergency Surgery

We are wishing Louise a speedy recovery!

Instagram/ Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson has given fans an update from hospital after she was rushed in for surgery last week.

Louise’s fiancé Ryan Libbey informed fans on what Louise was going through with an Instagram post that read, “2023 started well for me and for my family. Last Friday it got flipped on his head again. Louise haemorrhaged at home, again.

“Rushed to hospital for surgery and close monitoring for four days. Louise is home now, stable and doing well. She’s a warrior!

“Leo has picked up impetigo from nursery. Dad is tired. We were supposed to be landing in St Lucia about now for a two-week break. I’ll be back online soon.”

Thankfully Louise seems to be doing okay as she shared some posts from hospital highlighting the things that have helped her through her time there.


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“When I was last in hospital for an extended period (felt like an eternity) I really detached from reality and couldn’t even turn on a phone or concentrate on anything for longer than a minute. I’ve learnt a lot from that experience. TRY TO STAY CONNECTED AND CONTINUE AS NORMAL,” she wrote.

After sharing some things that she found helpful, she noted, “I’ve just realised how weird it is that I’m writing all these hospital ‘tips’ as if anyone else is actually going to go through the same weird experience as me. This might just help, ME. Ps. I’m bored (which is a good sign because it means I’m not super ill).”


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After giving birth to her son Leo, Louise experienced a number of health issues. In a post last summer she detailed some of what she has gone through, highlighting that although she is not “better” she has come a long way from where she was, and hopes that her story can help someone else to come through their dark time as well.

“I’ve had a bloody rough ride over the past year. My life went from a 9/10 to a 1/10 in the space of about a month. I didn’t do anything to deserve it, but shit just happened. I survived a house fire, a few near death experiences, a long old stint in hospital, and some CATASTROPHIC mental health breakdowns. More recently I’ve been readmitted because of some severe colon problems where I was about 2 days away from ending up with life changing surgery.

“It doesn’t get any easier, although at least this time round I actually knew where I was and what my name was. I was tripping BALLS for the months before. I guess that’s some nice perspective for me to cling onto,” she explained.

We are wishing Louise a speedy recovery!


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