Love Island: The Islanders Take Part In The First Challenge Of The Series And Zachariah Causes A Stir In The Villa

The first challenge is here!

Get ready for the first challenge of series ten. The guys and gals in the villa won’t know what hit them.

In tonight’s episode Molly receives a text while relaxing on the beanbags with her fellow islanders.

The text reads: “Islanders, It’s time to find out each other’s secret stories in today’s challenge. #DontJudgeABookByItsCover #TellingTales.”

The challenge is called Wary Tales and will see the boys compete against the girls.

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Each contestant will make an appearance at the window of the castle before making their way to the drawbridge door, where they will slide down the slippery woodland path.

Here, they must grab a hold of a key that unlocks a story book containing a tale about one particular islander.

They must recite the tale and then kiss the islander they think it belongs to, before the magic mirror reveals the truth.

With 11 steamy kisses and plenty of gossip from port-a-loo hook ups to charming a mother and daughter duo – we have to wonder if all will remain calm inside the villa after tonight.

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Meanwhile, the girls spend time getting to know basketball star and the first bombshell of the series, Zachariah.

In a chit chat round the fire pit Jess revealed to the girls: “He’s really handsome, and I feel like he’s playing it cool – I like that.”

Catherine later confesses that although she’s enjoying getting to know Andre, ” I feel like when Zach came in and he spoke I was like ok…he may be a bit of me…”

Later on while getting to know Ruchee on the daybeds, Zachariah suddenly gets a text: “Zachariah, it’s now time for you to make your decision on which girl you’d like to couple up with. Can all Islanders gather round the fire pit. #Powermove #Gameon.”

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Which islander will Zach’s choice ultimately leave single?

Find out tonight by tuning into Love Island at 9pm only on ITV and Virgin Media Two.

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