Maisie Smith Feels She’s Finally Proved Her Relationship With Max George Is Real

Maisie and Max have been living together for months!


Maisie Smith has finally opened up about life while living with her boyfriend The Wanted star, Max George.

After a busy couple of months touring with Strictly and Strictly Ballroom: The Musical, Maisie said she was ecstatic to just enjoy her time in her new home with Max..

Chatting to The Mirror she said: “Me and Max sat at home doing nothing for a month straight. I felt like I deserved it, I’ve had a physically intense job. We both agreed to chill and take our mind off everything and enjoy moving in together. It’s such a big chapter in a relationship and it was the first time we’ve been together where I haven’t been on tour, so we barely left the house.”

Maisie has actually taken on a big project that she’s very excited about – renovating their new house.

She said: “It’s never-ending. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’m designing it all and I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself because we’ll paint a wall and then I’m like, ‘I don’t like it’.”

Maisie, 29 and Max, 34 experienced some serious backlash when they first announced their relationship due to their 13 year age gap. The pair have defended their relationship in the past saying they are simply “best friends, who are in love”.

Thankfully Maisie believes they’ve “proved” their love isn’t for the cameras.

The Eastenders actress explained: “When you’re in a new relationship, people have a lot to say. But we’ve been together a while now and we’ve proven our love isn’t just for the cameras.”

The pair confirmed their relationship back in August last year, two years after first meeting on Strictly. They moved in together in February. Max romantically asked her by placing a set of keys in a bag of Pick’n’Mix.

Maisie says she likes having a home with Max now as it makes her feel like more of an adult: “It’s nice I have my home with Max and then seeing my family is something to look forward to. It feels like I’m an adult now.”