Maura Higgins Reveals Love Island Return – But, It’s Not What You Think

She’s back!


Fans have been keeping a close eye on Maura Higgins’ social media accounts.

She has bid farewell to London and has been dropping Love Island hints.

Fans were convinced that she was coming back for Love Island’s all-star series that is set to be in the works in the coming months.

However, it has now been revealed what Maura is really up to.


While she is technically coming back to Love Island, it won’t be as a contestant.

Love Island US shared a picture of Maura and revealed that she was going to be the social ambassador.

“This just in… @maurahiggins will be your social ambassador this season bringing (sneaking) you the BTS scoop all summer! #LoveIslandUSA,” the picture was captioned.

And people are delighted to see her back in some way when it comes to the iconic reality show.


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Iain Stirling, who is the voice of both the UK and US versions of Love Island commented: “Welcome to the team.”

Earlier this week, Maura landed in LA where it looks like she will be calling home for the foreseeable future.

She shared a snap of her being collected by chauffeurs during her time in the States with both of them harkening back to her Love Island days.

Pic Instagram/Maura Higgins

Both men held up signs with the Love Island logo and the words “Got a text” emblazoned on them.

This caused fans to say that she was making a Love Island return, so now we know the reason.