Perrie Edwards Teases Wedding Plans

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Perrie Edwards has opened up about her plans for her wedding to long term partner Alex Oxdale-Chamberlain.

The couple announced their engagement last July much to fans delight after six years together. In 2021, they welcomed their first son Axel into the world. Since their engagement Perrie has had her plate full juggling a possible solo career, a two-year-old and a wedding.

She spoke out in a brand new interview with Grazia magazine about the challenges of juggling a singing career, motherhood and planning a wedding.

She said: “There’s so much going on right now. I’m in the studio, whilst also having my fiancée being like, ‘When are we going to start planning the wedding?’ Again, it’s like starting the business! Where do you even start with a wedding? It’s a lot. We spoke about it whilst we were on holiday, and I’ve got a really good idea of what I want now”.




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Perrie is working on releasing some brand new solo music while their powerhouse girlband is on hiatus but has let it be known that she hasn’t set herself or been set a strict timeline she must adhere to when it comes to releasing things unlike with Little Mix.

She said: “My label have told me to just go with the flow and enjoy discovering what my sound is going to be. The fact there’s no deadline in my life just makes me the happiest person. I feel so lucky to just be having fun. In Little Mix, our life was mapped out about three years in advance sometimes. Now, it’s so much more freeing for all of us. We’re doing exactly what makes us happy and working to our own timelines. It’s really refreshing”.