Sex Education Star Reveals Cast Struggled With Overnight Fame

Sex Education changed their lives!

Sex Education

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Sex Education star Aimee Lou Wood revealed the cast seriously struggled with overnight fame, noting her old life is “unrecognisable”.

The global hit Netflix show first aired in 2019 and will release its highly anticipated fourth season later this year.

The actress opened up live on CapitalFM about how the overnight fame has negatively effected her and her fellow co-stars.

She said: “My life is unrecognisable, you just don’t think that’s going to happen. You don’t think you’re going to be on a show that 40 million people have watched. I think right now I’m at a really good point where I’ve processed it, my life’s changed overnight, but you know, I know how to handle it”.


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She continued on revealing that her co-stars struggled in the same way as her: “I remember us all around the same time going, ‘I think we’re all struggling a bit’, and then all of a sudden, we kind of just started to admit, like, you know, we don’t actually know what we’re doing and that has been a huge help”.

Winning a BAFTA for her first TV show ever was a life changing experience for the 26-year-old. Fans were coming up to her in the street wanting to talk about everything because of how relatable they found her, the actress found it very difficult to quickly say hi and move on making her late regularly.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2021 Aimee revealed: “With people in the street, I was like [she mock hyperventilates]: ‘Did I say the right thing? Was I nice enough?’ Now I’m learning to be: ‘Thank you so much!’ and carry on walking”.


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